Originally we started with mechanical engineering for the flower bulb sector. We have made various machines for this sector:

We build machines for on land, such as:

  • Diggers
  • Harvesting machines for flowers
  • Choppers
  • Planting-roofed front-loader
  • Roof thatcher with self-loader
  • Plant and sick-seek car
  • Digging machine for calla lillies
  • Crate rack digging machine
  • Nockenrol/vorenpacker

We build machines for in the shed:

  • Toppler with conveyor belt
  • Seed selector
  • Export rinsing machine
  • Wire gauze stapler
  • Watering cart
  • Disinfection installation

Cabbage processing:

  • Toppler with conveyor belt
  • Delivery belts
  • Weighing-sorting line

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