Our Machinery

We have a very extensive range of machinery, so we can do almost all work in our own workshop.

Folding can save a lot of welding work and can therefore provide time and money savings. We can fold up to a width of 3.7 metres. At this width, we can handle a maximum width of 6 mm. In addition, we can go up to 10 mm thick and up to a length of 1.5 metres.

Our shear is one of the most commonly used machines in the workplace. We can cut up to a width of 3 metres with a maximum thickness of 13 mm steel. Our personnel are ready to cut for you!

Band Saw
We have a band saw with automatic input, which is ideal for mass production. We can saw squares of up to 250×250.

Drill Press
The drill press makes drilling big holes easier than ever. We have drills of up to 50 mm in our drill rack. This machine can remove metal like nothing else can!

Turning jobs prove to be absolutely no difficulty for us! The transit in the head is 80 mm. Whether the task be internal turning or external turning, we can handle anything! If you have a turning job which needs to be done, please do come and visit us.

Milling Machine
With our milling machine, we are able to mill both spline shafts and surfaces. The machine has an automated power supply. The read-out of the rip finces can be read out digitally for accurate processing.